Integrated payments explained

Your card machine and till aren’t working well together. An error here, a miskey there and suddenly things don't balance. And when you write off the difference, it adds up.

It’s time to join the businesses using integrated payments to eliminate expensive errors.

Integrated payments software connects your till and card machine, so you don’t need to enter things by hand. Everything syncs in the cloud. Instantly. Securely.

Integrated payments tech is a powerful tool for anyone who wants happier customers and heftier profits. And we’re bringing it to all businesses who think big.

Integrated payments explained
Integrated payments explained
Connect. The free way to increase value.

Connect. The free way to increase value.

The best thing about Connect is that it’s free - your prospect has nothing to lose except loss.

  • End mis-keyed errors and costly mistakes
  • Easy reconciliation - Connect makes balancing the books easier and faster
  • Better reporting for informed,insightful business decisions
  • Faster transactions to keep everyone happy
Connect. The free way to increase value.

Pay at Counter

If you take payments at the counter, Connect makes sure your card machine and EPOS are side by side in more ways than one.

  • The biggest thing since contactless
  • Speedy transactions. Turn tables faster, shorten queues and watch profits soar.
  • No more mistakes. Put an end to manual errors, bad maths and double keying.
  • Easier reporting. Everything just adds up at the press of a button.
  • Happier customers. We all love a smoother payment experience.
Pay at Counter
Pay at Counter
Pay at Table

Pay at Table

Restaurants rejoice: Connect makes it easier than ever to take payments at the end of the meal. Satisfying.

  • Turn tables four times faster. Because efficient payments means fatter profits.
  • You know that feeling when the till balances? Get it every day with Connect.
  • Happier customers. Because waiting for the bill can spoil your digestion.
  • Take miskeys and errors off the table. Bad maths and fat fingers? Not your problem.
  • Here’s a tip: staff can take gratuities right from the card machine.

Using Pay at Table

  1. Print the bill with your card machine. No need to walk back to the till.
  2. Need to split the bill? No problem. You can do that too.
  3. Settle the bill without the till. It all happens at the table.
  4. Close the table, at the table. Next!
Pay at Table

Card machines accepting integrated payments


Take payments at the till

  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and professional
  • Always connected

Take the card machine to your customers.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • 100m range via Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Long-lasting battery
Card machines accepting integrated payments
Card machines accepting integrated payments
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