Ardnahoe Distillery integrated Epos system

Client Detail

Ardnahoe Distillery is one Scottish family's dream unfolding as well as being the next chapter in the captivating story of the Whisky Isle of Islay.

In 2015 the family located the perfect four-acre site by Loch Ardnahoe on the Northeast of the island, with access to the deep loch waters, and having purchased the ground and secured planning permission ground was broken for Islay's ninth distillery in late 2016. First runs of distillation began in October 2018 with Cask number 001 filled on the 9th November that year, with all this happening, it was realised the importance of having a reliable Epos System and Paul, Visitor Centre Operations manager gave us a client review into why they feel that their Epos provider is such an important factor within their business.

Client: Ardnahoe Distillery

Sector: Retail

Client's Review

We have built a professional relationship with ACR. The realisation of a dream, is now the beginning of an exciting journey.

Project Detail

Start Date: 2017 - Present

Work Done

Ardnahoe Distillery have worked closely with ACR for over 4 years installing a full Epos integrated system. This was initially a single till setup for retail with stock management and barcode setup, they used this setup until the distillery was completed. When the distillery was complete, the decision was made to switch over to Tropos manufacturing software for stock and barcode management. As the distillery was a much larger floor space there was a requirement for additional POS terminals and also a unique setup of one system but split between hospitality and retail. This required ACR to work closely with Tropos developers so that the products could work within both Tropos and POS environments, and also transfer transactions to back office reporting software and Tropos to keep stock and accounts correct.

ACR listened to the needs that Ardnahoe had to ensure that the day to day running of the visitor centre requirements were met and to provide the correct IT infrastructure, one of the most important requirements for Paul was to ensure smooth integration, payment gateways and TROPOS.
The upgrade of the new epos system has allowed Paul to get very Accurate daily sales reports, restocking reports. This was done using a bolt-on to the back office software that emails out reports on a daily basis at end of shift, this gives management an idea of sales and stock levels when not onsite. The owners required a weekly report that broke down their product and group sales which was designed to split between Hospitality and Retail so that it gives a clear and accurate report.

Project conclusion

Paul liked the Ease of use of the Sharp Technology and the constantly evolving updates and with such a strong brand in the name of Sharp, and the customer support from ACR they are both so responsive to the customer needs.
Pauls realises that the importance of a good Epos System needs to be user friendly for his staff, and comments that his employees at Ardnahoe have said how easy it is to use the Sharp Epos System and Paul finds it simple and user friendly for training his staff.
The Customers who are travelling to the Distillery in Islay and are purchasing goods, are met with a smooth transaction for sales and refunds, which therefore avoids queues, making it a happier Customer Shopping experience.
ACR have built a professional relationship with our client allowing our client that
"The realisation of a dream, is now the beginning of an exciting journey"